Dangerously Daydreaming

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible." ~ T. E. Lawrence

Operation: Green Thumb

A while back I wrote about my debut to the wide world of gardening. Over the past (almost) 4 months I’ve experienced the highs of harvest, the lows of slug infestations and everything in between. And truly all the credit for success goes to my hubby, J. He’s the one who remembers to water the garden daily, who’s fought off the dastardly sluggies (of which I am deathly afraid), and even built a trellis for the out-of-control zucchinis.

A month back our radishes went crazy. We could barely eat them all up in time. And I must say they were delectable – a satisfying crunch, refreshing texture, and wonderfully spicy to boot!


Then came the day that the evil slugs laid siege to my precious lettuce. J remembered that sluggies hate salt, but he forgot that so does lettuce. So the lettuce wilted away, collateral damage during the great slug war.

The zucchini took possession of the garden, casting shade over my sun-worshipping bell peppers and jalapenos and stunting their growth. As I said, J built a trellis so we could weave the zucchini vines upward and thwart their plans of world domination over the whole garden. It’s working so far and they even are happy enough to be flowering right now. The first of the baby zucchini’s can be seen and I’m already imagining the smell of roasted squash wafting through my kitchen.

Herbs are growing apace and I’ve already taken the first cuttings of many. My favorite were the chives. Glorious chives…

At last the broccoli was ready to be harvested. Those hard-working plants yielded several bunches of sweet and succulent broccolini. I loved them, especially grilled with some seasonings and coconut oil. J described them as tasting “like a dirty old tree branch”. I beg to differ.


And most recently an adorable onion made it’s way into the world. From the spread and size of the leaves, we assumed this onion had taken over the underworld of our tiny raised bed. Not so, but our baby onion was delicious nonetheless!


We haven’t seen much happening on the tomato front but I hear that they can be stingy if conditions aren’t perfect. I’ll wait them out. The carrots are also taking their time and may not have liked being so close to the radishes. My poor peppers are in a dire situation and I’ve all but given up on them.

I’ve been most looking forward to the berries. Our solo strawberry plant gave us some sweet and beautiful fruit. Meanwhile our 3 varieties of blueberries bushes are laden with bountiful blue fruits already. But I’m cursing the blackguard starlings who pick them off the bush just as they ripen. We even threatened those miserable birds with my brother’s paintball gun, but to no avail. I guess I’ll be buying a flat of my favoritest fruit from a local farmer who’s bushes haven’t been picked clean by evil winged things.


Hyperbole aside, I’m quite pleased with our gardening venture so far. I love watching these plants blossom to life and fruition from such humble beginnings as tiny seeds in a cup on my windowsill. I love cooking with the yield from my own backyard, the freshness of each vegetable and fruit, the flavors unadulterated by days in transit. This garden is a tradition in the making for us – planting will be part of our spring adventures, harvesting will be part of our summer and autumn memories. We’ve already outgrown our 4×4 bed and might even have to build another raised bed for next year!



3 comments on “Operation: Green Thumb

  1. storiesbywilliams
    July 18, 2014

    Sounds sweeeeeet! The wife and I got some tomato plants, strawberries and oregano growing on our deck, but what we long for is a garden that we can really plant – like what you’ve described here. I hear you on the tomatoes too, they are temperamental, and seem to demand the exact right combination of sun and water-saturated soil.

    Oh, and did you hear that the perfect safeguard against slugs are ducks? They love to eat them, and won’t harm your garden. I hear soapy water and beer are also horrid for the slimy little bastards. This is all second-hand, but if it can help end the infestation, right? 🙂

  2. LAMarcom
    July 27, 2014

    I did not plant a garden this year.
    (stupid me)

    Wonderful post!
    and great photos too!

  3. betunada
    August 8, 2014

    ah, you just might begin. to . inspire, me. to try this. someday.
    rite now, today, this season?! ain’t got the time. maybe i’ll lose or quit or replace my job, and

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