Dangerously Daydreaming

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible." ~ T. E. Lawrence

Spud to Stud

The title may be overselling this a bit…  All the same I figured it’s a good time to give ya’ll an update on the cycling!  My big race, Ski to Sea is coming up in 11 very short days.  This is the realization of my latest 90 Day Challenge.  I’m in full training mode, biking every other day to work and this weekend I’ll do a trial ride of the race route.  Say a prayer for me this Saturday.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that my bike’s name is Francette.  44 Miles of Road, meet Francette.  Francette, meet 44 Miles of Road.

The thing I’ve noticed with training is that there really are good and bad days.  Some of it depends on what you eat, how you feel, emotions, sleep deprivation – all of that comes into play when you’re seriously focused on a goal.

I’ve shared before how I used to be a bookish couch potato – so much more happy in a library than a gym.  I’m that same person but now I’m the bookish crazy who rides her bike to work, logs 26 miles every other day, and comes home to cuddle up with my beloved books.

Being healthy and fit does bring change – the benefits are amazing!  It seems counter intuitive that I would have so much more energy.  Those happy endorphins kick in and it hardly matters that I live in rainy Washington and have a bit of a Vitamin D deficiency.  Ok, maybe that still matters… but the attitude shift is amazing.

I got my road bike almost exactly a year ago and that lightweight bit of rubber and alloyed metal gave me the terrors.  It wasn’t easy, but the fight was really all in my head – that’s the spud in me talking.  My inner couch potato was so intimidated by Francette.  That microscopic seat was supposed to be my butt cushion for two hours a day once I started my goal of commuting to and from work?!  Ha!  This is the part where the rubber really meets the road, no pun intended.  You find your mettle and take that first baby step.  For me it was 5 mile bike rides on the weekends.

When I started riding I could barely control my steering, my legs kept brushing against the greasy crank and chain, and just trying to change gears was my idea of an “epic fail”.  Baby steps were hard at the beginning.  Toe in the water was tricky.  That’s where that mettle comes in.  Ski to Sea is something I’ve always associated with athletes, and yes, there are quite a few recreational teams coming out in 11 days, but we get competitive teams coming out from all over the U.S. to tear this race up.  You won’t see any Lance Armstrong speeds from me, but I plan to compete too.

The other day one of my friends told me I was a stud.  I kind of like it.


9 comments on “Spud to Stud

  1. ethelthedean
    May 16, 2012

    You are a total stud! And rock star.

    Seriously, all the things you are writing about are such huge accomplishments and should be celebrated every day. Super proud of you lady!

    • Audrey
      May 17, 2012

      Oh, thanks lady! It’s so exciting and fun do all of this. I’m seriously in awe when I hear about the training you and Mr M are doing for TM – that’s inspiring! Hugs to you!

  2. whatimeant2say
    May 16, 2012

    You are going to do great, you awesome Stud!

    • Audrey
      May 17, 2012

      🙂 You’re too kind! I’ll keep ya posted…

  3. captainariel
    May 17, 2012

    You ARE a stud, I will continue praying for you, and you WILL do great! 😀 Love ya!

    • Audrey
      May 17, 2012

      Thanks, Sweetness! I’ll be an adventure, that’s for sure!

  4. storiesbywilliams
    May 17, 2012

    Wow, what a trooper! This reminds me of Ski to Surf, which happens up here annually. Must be a west coast thing, we just gotta combine the mountains and the sea into one big athletic romp, don’t we? Course I never did it. Good for you and best of luck!

    • Audrey
      May 17, 2012

      It must be! We love us our mountains and oceans… Never too late to start training for the one in your area! 😉
      It’s been crazy busy this week so I’ve been horribly lax in visiting my blog buddies but I’ll be heading your way soon!

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